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Bathroom Remodel  
The clients every request was met with this mimimal but powerful spa like master bathroom.  The once 70's style bathroom, was remodeled to make better use of the space and soften the architectural features that dominated the room. A new floor plan was created to accomplish a more open and appealing layout. Iridescent glass tiles and faux wood porcelain floor tiles add to the calm spa-like quality of the room​

Bedford Farmhouse

An example of how the repetition of color, unifies the room and allows multiple patterns, fabrics and textures to coexist without overwhelming the space. These similar tones sit in perfect harmony and create a soothing environment.  The furniture pieces, lighting, draperies and artwork were carefully collected to suit the taste and budget of the clients. The venetian plaster walls were polished to a soft shine and add luxurious sparkle. This is now a bedroom that can be enjoyed and appreciated.  

Master Bedroom Suite

A restful retreat filled with texture, and layers of material repeated in three soft colors throughout the three large rooms of this luxurious bedroom suite.  Soft blue, warm peach and ivory are the colors found in every fabric, wall and floor covering and even original artwork.  Handpainted cabinetry and custom rugs and furniture, further enhanced by the repetition of color, though no pattern or fabric is duplicated. . . just carefully blended.  Once a room that was never used is now a peaceful retreat for both of the homeowners

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